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    We love our work, although we also recognise that sometimes it can be a tough job. Being a professional translator in a translation agency means really understanding the projects and having a good relationship with the manager giving the instructions.  Today, with a hint of humour, we look at most common types of translator found in this great little world of professional translation.

    1. The newbie

    This translator graduated just a few months ago. They want to conquer the world and really want to be hired and get working. They make up for their lack of experience with their enthusiasm and always say yes to projects. Of course, their translations need to be supervised and checked very carefully, but they will meet the deadlines and, in the end, you will be very satisfied with their work.

    1. The sporadic translator

    This translator usually works for the agency on an ad hoc basis. They often have another profession and use translations to supplement this. They are used for their extensive knowledge of a specific sector. They don’t normally accept many projects, only those they have time for, and take a relaxed approach to deadlines. They will always do a great job, since, as we have said, they are selective and only accept work they are really interested in.

    1. The perfectionist

    These great professionals are indispensable to the agency. You know that they will always produce a translation that delivers 110%, perfect quality. You fully trust them. They will help you improve the original document and will have good ideas about how to produce a better final result. Their drive for perfection means that they always want to go over documents just one more time, meaning that the agency always receives the delivery at the last moment. The result, without a doubt, is worth it.

    1. The decisive translator

    These are the supermen of translators. They have been working in the translation agency for years and have a lot of experience, so they can always anticipate problems. They have known the customers for what seems a lifetime. They are capable of dealing with unforeseen events before they even happen and will always propose a solution that works.

    1. The big boss

    They have been working with the customers for what seems like forever and have a direct relationship with them, almost friendship. They have extensive knowledge of the sector and the needs of each customer, meaning that they will have the best solution for the translations they do. They also act as the conductor, knowing the status of the project and what each member of the team needs to do. They know how to motivate people to do their job in the best way. There is a reason why they are the big boss. What type of translator are you? Have we missed out any categories?

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