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Trending translators: the profiles you should follow on Twitter

Trending translators you should follow on Twitter Tweet it!

The world of translation and interpretation also has its own Tweetstars. These are translators whose activity on Twitter (and other social media) is very intense but, above all, very interesting. If you are a translator and like keeping up to date with the news in your profession, here are some profiles you might find interesting:

Scheherezade Surià (@Scheherezade_SL)

A literary and audiovisual translator, perhaps one of the translators that best deals with social media. We have read and listened to her in the press and on the radio, and never miss the updates in her blog, En la luna de Babel; and we love her timeline, which is full of information, humour, and irony.

Leon Hunter (@LeonHunterSL)

With more than 13,000 followers, he’s one of the most popular and most active translators. He also gives plenty of visibility to other colleagues’ contents.

Pablo Muñoz Sánchez (@pmstrad)

An expert in software, app, and video game localisation – and he also multitasks! In addition to his Twitter account, you can also follow his blog, Mucho más que traducir, and his Traduversia project (a platform of online courses for translators), which he has created with the next tweeting translator.

Rafael López Sánchez (@raflosa)

The other half of Traduversia is a translator who specialises in technology, audiovisual translation, localisation, and layout. Of course, he also has his own blog, Jugando a traducir, in which he provides tips, tools, and training.

Olga Jeno (@OlgaJeNo)

Starting to follow Olga on Twitter is a good way to discover her contents so as to, as she says in her blog, 20.000 lenguages, “better understand the world of languages”.

Ildefonso Muñoz (@IldefonsoMA)

An excellent reference if you are a translation student. A large part of the posts in his blog, La Granja de San Traductor, are written from the student’s point of view: he gives tips for those who want to study translation or apply for an Erasmus grant, talks about study techniques, and much more. You will also find this in his Twitter profile.

Merche García Lledó (@traducirco)

Another great Twitter account for translators. We love reading her blog, Traducir&Co, which she often updates with very interesting posts.

As you can imagine, these are not all the translators worth following on social media. We will soon give more Twitter recommendations. Follow us so as not to miss them!