At our translation agency we started the year with lots of tips to make the most out of the opportunities to come during these twelve months, for translation professionals from a variety of areas: tourism translation, technical translation, sports translation, etc. We hope these posts were useful and, who knows, we may still have time to benefit from some of them.

In February we posted about the best languages into which to translate an app. Is it Chinese or Russian? If you’ve taken the leap of creating your own, we’d love to know what you decided on this subject. The fact that millions of users have benefited from your decision is always good news.

In March we capitalised on the presence of the eShow in Barcelona, and in this article, we discussed the undisputable benefits that languages and translation can bring to e-commerce. Among those advantages is Internet positioning, for example, which is vital for a good web presence.

And SEO and Google and words with a topic of Okodia’s blog in the following month. If these areas concerns you, we hope that you made note of the prescription we published in our post about How to improve SEO using languages in your medical website to ensure that it bursts with health.

Speaking of medical translation, some details to bear in mind but which can also be crucial, are covered in this post. False friends, specific vocabulary, measurement units in different languages are some of the aspects that translator needs to watch out for when putting themselves in a doctor’s shoes, while translating a medical report on medicinal usage instructions.

On the eve of summer at our translation agency, we looked at some cases of translators who had created a successful brand on the Internet. Maybe this post can help you if you’re thinking of efficiently promoting your brand on the different social networks.

As the summer heat intensified the Pokémons invaded almost every street corner of our cities. At Okodia we wondered about the relationship between these elusive creatures and languages, and the truth is we discovered some very interesting facts.

During August we made a personal homage to tourism translation, namely to gastronomical translation which in some cases, can leave a very bad taste in your mouth. Even though “honey and killed” (the literal, but incorrect, translation for “miel y mató”). There are still some restaurateurs out there asking why only one these deserts sold throughout the whole summer.

With all of the languages to translate and control in a translation agency, there are always untranslatable words to be found in each one. Only translation professionals can bail you out of such situations, like sobremesa con los consuegros (after-dinner conversation with the in-laws).

In October we took a philosophical look at how far we were prepared to go to be “cool” and allow the excessive use of anglicisms in our language. To translate or not to translate? That was the question. This post certainly kept us busy!

Last month we warned you about using automated translation, because sooner or later it will come back and haunt you. Here we show you some of the tell-tale signs that a text was caught up in the automated translation web. As a result some people are still searching for songs by Allunyant Sanz (see article). Good luck guys!

And to round off this post, here at Okodia, we leave you with some suggestions for Christmas presents, whilst showing you some linguistic curiosities of Christmas traditions around the world. We hope you enjoyed reading.


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