We are starting a new year, which brings many new developments and events. Most of them require a good translation. A translator can play a key role in every occasion.


The new year’s wishes for any company or e-commerce shop may include the desire to improve or update their online presence. To do that, they must translate their website or blog posts, as well as their social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn).

Legal translation can also be a good option, as in order to enter new markets and acquire new clients any company must translate various documents, starting by their agreements.

The Spanish Fitur (International Tourism Trade Fair) takes place in January. This trade fair has global impact, and tourism translation plays a key role to enable the companies from various companies to communicate.  However, this is not the only place where tourism and translation need each other. There are many tourism trade fairs during the year, including the IWINETC (International Wine Tourism Conference), which will be held in Barcelona in April.

February is the best month for translation for communication agencies.  This is because the Barcelona Mobile World Congress is held – for a few days, the global centre of the communications industry. Translation equates communication, and such a large event would be impossible without it.

Beauty and fashion translation is required throughout the year.  We always like to feel and look good, and beauty professionals work to ensure that their products reach customers all over the world. But this would come to naught if quality translation was not available for their products.

There are endless occasions in which technical translation is necessary – for example, the Barcelona Meeting Point, a huge event which will be held this year.  Its various sponsors and partners are potential clients for translators.

The summer can be a good time for audiovisual translation, as this is the time prior to the presentation of the new TV seasons. Dubbing, subtitling, and audiodescription all come into play when preparing such products as TV series, documentaries, and films.

Another good opportunity during the summer will be the Olympic Games that will be held in Rio de Janeiro in August. Specialised sports translation will be necessary to cover all needs, such as advertising products and press releases, for example.

Software localisation is another interesting source of opportunities for translators.  This is a fast-moving industry where you can’t relax, but there are endless opportunities.  What matters is keeping your eyes open.

Money makes the world go round, as the song went, but often only when financial translation services are involved.  How many deals wouldn’t have been closed without a translator? Just thinks about the many everyday situations where someone can need this kind of translation.

Translation professionals also offer scientific translation services.  Do you know a student who needs to translate her Ph.D. thesis into other languages? Are you aware that a laboratory needs to translate its clinical trial documents? A translator’s assistance will always be needed.

Will you miss these opportunities?


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