We have talked before about the importance and visibility that tourism translation is acquiring. In a country like Spain, where the tourism industry plays such a central role in the economy, this is very beneficial for tourism translators. We have recently seen how the number of translation orders for restaurants menus, travel guides, leisure and travel apps, etc. To sum up, the tourism industry is an interesting market niche for every translator. If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments and know where you can meet potential clients, don’t miss these events:


FITUR: the International Tourism Trade Fair is the first and possibly the main tourism event in Spain. This year it will be held between 20 and 24 January, and will include interesting events such as FiturGreen, a forum to promote the competitiveness of the tourism industry through innovation and sustainability; or FiturTech, focusing on technology as an added value in the industry. As you can see, tourism translation involves other fields that may also interest you as a translator, such as technology and innovation.

Intur: the Spanish International Domestic Tourism Trade Fair. It also includes a space for innovation and technology, as well as Intur Negocios, a stage for networking among industry agents.

World Travel Market (WTM): perhaps you’d like to travel to London to take part in one of the largest tourism trade fairs in the world, with more than 50,000 professionals taking part. As Spain is such a juicy destination, we are sure that a few companies will be needing translations from and into Spanish.

Expovacaciones: travel agencies, wholesalers, media, real estate companies, cultural tourism companies, and others will be meeting from 6 to 8 May 2016 at BEC (the Bilbao Exhibition Centre). A good opportunity to make yourself known.

Expotur Vacaciones: A tourism trade fair aimed at final consumers which was first held in 2015. Companies, destinations, and local authorities display their products and services to clients.

These are only some of the main events in the tourism industry, but you shouldn’t forget about other more specific niches, such as luxury tourism trade fairs (with companies that, we imagine, have a good translation budget), or trade fairs for specific destinations, where they may require highly specific languages, such as Asian tourism trade fairs, etc.


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