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    When we talk about the benefits of translation, we obviously refer to the benefits of a good translatio – a professional translation. If a translation is not good, far from helping you, it could damage your work and your reputation.


    That’s why we always insist on the importance of a translation that meets your expectations. Of course, a relative or friend who speaks English can help you to write or read an email, and you can use an automatic translator to get a general idea of what a text is about. But you should never expect a professional result if you go this way.

    What are your options when it comes to translation?

    1. Using an automatic translator.
    2. Haviny the text translated by someone who is neither an expert in the topic nor a translator, but who speaks the language very well.
    3. Translating the text yourself, and asking a professional to proofread it.
    4. Asking a professional to translate (and proofread) it.

    Do you think that there will be differences between these options? Of course! They can all be right and valid at some point, but you should assume that there will be a difference in quality which, depending on the purpose of your translation, will be acceptable or not.

    When you need a perfect text, suitable for a specialist context, or a commercial, popular science, institutional text, etc. you certainlz need a professional translation. What are the differences between a professional and a non-professional translation?

    To begin with, a professional translation won’t (or shouldn’t) include typos, mistranslations, or grammatical inconsistencies. What you will find is correct, natural language, and a vocabulary suited to the nature of the text. A professional translation is not only done by a native speaker specialised in the topic of the text, but is also supervised by someone else. Quality control in a professional translation is much more exhaustive.

    In addition, a professional translation will be ready when you need it: however long it may be, there will be no delays or partial deliveries. If a translator or agency commit to a deadline, they will meet it.

    Finally, a professional translation can have added value if you want – for example, a layout service. Sometimes you don’t only need to get a text translated, but you also need a document that is exactly the same in terms of its design, layout, and format as the original, only in another language.

     Would you like to learn more about the Okodia method to deliver quality translations? We will soon describe the details in our blog.




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