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    You want to do a master’s degree in a foreign university, or your children to spend a study year abroad. Perhaps a multinational will make you a job offer; or you want to marry someone of a different nationality. In all these cases, you will probably need a sworn translator. There are many companies, academic institutions, and international bodies and institutions that require an official translation of certain documents. This official translation can only be provided by a sworn translator, certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperations, and consists in a true and literal translation of the original document.

    In other words, the sworn translator is the person who certifies that the translation is an accurate copy in another language of the original document, and that all its contents are the same as in the legal source document. Nothing is added, nothing is removed, nothing is changed.


    When is this type of translation usually needed?

    Many of our customers come to us when their children want to spend a study year abroad, go on an internship abroad, or study a master’s degree in an institution in another country. Such an institution will usually require a sworn translation of the secondary school grades, or else a sworn translation of a university degree.

    Sworn translators are also frequently required at work. Many foreign companies, before making a hire, may ask for a sworn translation of the academic degree, a medical report, and even a sworn translation of the certificate of criminal record.

    When marrying a foreigner, an official translation of his or her civil status is also required, and, as in the previous examples, this translation must also bear a sworn translator’s stamp.

    It is very important to ensure in all these cases that the translation is done by a real sworn translator – otherwise the document will not be legally valid. You can always check this in the list of sworn translators into all languages which is updated on a regular basis by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. But you can also call us at Okodia and tell us into which language you need your translation, and we will find the sworn translator you need.


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