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    What immediately comes to mind when you hear someone say something about the translators’ trade? Surely, one of the very first things to cross your mind is that translators are fluent in more than one language. You’re partly right. A good translator is an expert in languages. But it’s not the only thing they do well. Translation agencies in Madrid or in Barcelona work on a daily basis with this kind of professionals, and if they continuously entrust projects to them, it’s because they’re good at what they do. Here are the 4 key qualities of a good translator! There’s a reason why part of your company’s success is in their hands.


    1- Creative translators


    It may seem that creativity is a quality that is exclusive to artists, but there is nothing further from the truth. A good translator also has to be creative. You can talk to the dozens of professional translators with whom we work at Okodia-Grupo traductor and ask them yourself. Without a doubt, none of them will deny the fact that on more than one occasion, they have had to use a little ‘creative magic’ to adapt texts that they were working on to suit their intended audience.

    2- Curious by nature

    Professional translators are curious by nature. They have to be. A language evolves over time, so they stay up to date with new meanings of a word or neologisms that may arise. They are professionals whose learning process never stops. The key to success? Free resources that all successful translators use.

    3- Self-taught

    Good language lovers are not only born but also made. Translators generally specialize in different fields. For example, at Okodia we have sworn translators, legal translators, audiovisual translators, medical translators, etc., and many of them hold degrees in fields such as medicine, law or finance, together with a degree in translation and interpretation. And they still continue training! Because to become a good translator, one can never leave their guard down.

    4- Highly professional

    When someone decides to join the world of translation, it’s because they’re a good professional. Professional translators are trained to handle a large number of projects and to work under pressure, which is something that usually happens in the case of urgent translations—while still delivering excellent results. Why? Because they love what they do.


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