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    Okodia’s professional translators do not just translate the content they receive as our quality standards and processes mean that they also usually review the work of other professionals. That is why we have decided to tell you three secrets about proofreading in the world of professional translation. 

    Thoroughness is key. 

    It is important to be careful and thorough when proofreading the work of other professional translators. If you are critical of the work of another translator, make sure that the project manager or customer in question understands why. Examples of any mistakes made and the necessary corrections are often included to help with this. It is also important to mention any other circumstances that may have affected the quality of the translator’s work, such as inexperience in the subject matter or the complexity of the text itself. However, you can be sure that at Okodia we always choose the best specialised translators for the project in question. In the case of medical translations, we obviously only select medical translators that we know are going to be up to the task. 

    An assessment of the quality of the translation is very important.

    Provide a brief assessment of the quality of the translation. This may not be appropriate for direct customers, but it is common in translation agencies like ours so that we can learn more about the work carried out by colleagues. Even if you only write a couple of sentences, it will add value that your customers will appreciate. This is an opportunity to show why it was worth hiring you. 

    Keep an open mind.

    Being able to keep an open mind is hugely important for professional translators. Proofreading is also a great opportunity to learn from the work of others. You may always translate a phrase in a certain way butthen see that another translator has actually expressed it in a different and more succinct way. Being open to learning new tricks and styles from peers is fantastic. In addition, you also avoid repeating past mistakes.


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