He is the person who deals with all the issues and problems that arise from using the programs that help us with our work. His name is José Manuel and he has been working at Okodia Translation Services for about six years. You could say that he is the professional who makes our work much easier. He also helps us to manage and update translations and terminology so that our translators, reviewers, managers and other collaborators always have the best resources. 

– What encouraged you to start working at Okodia?

I started working at Okodia thanks to an advert they posted on a mailing list for translators. I liked the fact that it was a long-term collaboration and that it was a change from the usual tasks in our industry (translating and proofreading).
– What do you like most about your daily work here?

The challenges involved in doing unusual tasks which mean researching and gaining valuable knowledge.
– Why are you interested in the world of translation?

Because the profession allows me to learn about different topics with every day that passes.
– What is the strangest thing that has happened to you in your time at Okodia?

Being able to manage huge projects in terms of the volume of words, being able to contribute my grain of sand, which was very well received. I would also say that I really enjoy working with unusual languages and doing tasks that force me to learn new tools and tricks.
– How would you describe the world of translation?
Well, it has its pros and cons, like everything. I think it is a fascinating profession in the sense that every day you learn something different, but it is also a profession that can be stressful, especially as deadlines approach. If you are comfortable with working at home, it is a good way to earn a living, although it is true that in return you have less social interaction.
 – What advice would you give companies thinking about translating their content?
I would tell them that by simply investing some time and money they could reach thousands or even millions of potential customers. In addition, there are studies that show that people trust a product or a brand more if it is in their native language rather than a foreign language, so translation can make one company stand out from the rest in its sector, in a positive way.
– What are your greatest achievements?
I would say that my greatest achievement has been to find job stability as a freelancer, which is not easy (I wasn’t sure I could manage it when I started), as well as having convinced other people that it is a good idea to use me for their professional needs. In terms of me as a person, I would say that overcoming my shyness in interacting with others has also been particularly important.
– Is there a language that particularly catches your attention? Why?
I like Chinese because of that mysterious feeling created by its written characters. When you start to write it and discover that those strokes are not random, but have a story to tell, it becomes more interesting every day. In addition, I am also interested in Basque, since I have always been around it thanks to my Basque-speaking friends.
– Have you ever set yourself a goal or objective but failed to achieve it?
More than not achieving the goal, I have at times set deadlines that are too ambitious and things have taken longer than I expected. This happened with my plan to save enough to put down a deposit on a mortgage. It took me longer than expected, but I got therein the end, which is what matters.

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