Cristina joined Okodia’s small but perfectly formed family just over a year ago and she is delighted to be part of the project management department. As she herself says, each day is “a new challenge”. Passionate about literature and languages, Cristina studied Translation and Interpreting and later decided to specialise in Audiovisual Translation. Want to find out more about her? Keep reading!

– What encouraged you to start working at Okodia?

Gemma, one of the managers in the department and also a former classmate from my university daysgot in touch to explain that the company she was working for was looking to expand the workforce. Without a doubt, her good reports and the opportunity for change were what encouraged me the most.

– What do you like most about your daily work here?

I enjoy the fact that every day is a challenge. You never know how the day is going to turn out, it is always different: new projects, new texts, different languages. We never get bored!

– Why are you interested in the world of translation?

I have found languages and different cultures interesting since I was very young. I find being able to communicate with the whole world and learn from it fascinating. You never know enough and you are always learning new things.

– What is the most curious thing (strange, odd or nice) that has happened to you in your time working at Okodia?

I find it curious when some customers ask us which languages we think they should translate their products or content into. You never know, maybe it is a service we should start offering!

– How would you describe the world of translation?

The world of translation is very interesting and an infinite source of knowledge and new discoveries. Translation is much more essential than many people think, since it forms part of history and our daily lives, even though it may go unnoticed.

– Some people say that the world of translation is very complicated. After all your years working at Okodia, do you think that’s right? Why?

I believe that translation is like everything, it involves knowledge, hard work and practice. The term translation encompasses all areas and branches, so it is clear that, just as a person cannot know everything, they cannot be trained to translate any type of text. Therefore, it is particularly important to know our strengths and limits and, above all, to be honest with ourselves.

– What advice would you give companies thinking about whether they should translate their content?

I would encourage them to do so and to find out a bit about the world of translation. They need to understand it and know a little about what it is and its different forms. Customers understanding how we do it and what our work entails enriches the relationship and enhances their trust in us. Therefore, I would advise them to write to us without hesitation.

– What are your greatest achievements?

I think that, up to now, my greatest achievement has been studying and being able to work in something I enjoy. In addition, given the current situation and what has been happening in recent years, I consider myself an incredibly lucky person.

– A country where you would like to live.

Undoubtedly: Iceland.

– Is there a language that particularly catches your attention? Why?

I would love to learn all languages. Even so, I go through phases. Years ago, I wanted to learn Russian, although later I thought that Japanese would be better. Then I started to teach myself Italian and Swedish, only to think that maybe I should prioritise improving the ones I already have so that I do not lose them. Right now, after a massive project we have been working on, I really want to study Czech, Serbian or Croatian.

– How and where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years’ time?

I hope to keep being lucky and continue working on what I like most.


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