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    We often hear things like “what matters is inside”, and “appearances are deceiving”. But when we talk about packaging, these sayings make no sense. The art of packaging and wrapping often plays a central role. In our technology-driven world, many entrepreneurs prefer artisan things and going back to manual work based on creativity. This is the case of Envolvis, a customised packaging company that offers exquisite designs based on good taste and the importance of good work. Some of their products include written messages, something that we language lovers adore.


    However, not everyone takes holistic care of their products and see them as a whole. Unfortunately, nor do they proofread the texts on them. It seems that the texts on packaging and wrapping in general often play the role of extras in films – they go unnoticed even by those who are supposed to write them properly. In the case of the translation of messages on packaging or wrapping, the results are often scandalous. We don’t know if it’s the (evil) work of Google Translator or someone woke up thinking he was Shakespeare and decided to take care (!) of the company’s packaging – just like that – but we often come across linguistic gems that make us laugh out loud because of their complete disregard for spelling and grammar.  Here are some samples.


    Bloopers such as these are good fodder for our WhatsApp groups and to get a good laugh, but, when it comes to professionalism, what happens to rigour? What about having some respect for consumers, for mistreated language, and for quality in general? It seems that in some cases, there is just no room for them. In this link you can find some examples of serious linguistic mistakes – and some equally terrible examples of other kinds – which proves that the lack of interest in using the right words is a rather widespread habit in this market.


    We recommend that you take so much care with the packaging as with the product inside. And of course, that you have all the texts on it translated. If you have taken exquisite care of the contents, what good with neglecting the outside do? None, of course. Except becoming a laughing stock on social media for a while.


    What’s best about this is that if you don’t have the skills or training to do this, we can give you an easy solution: our translation agency provides a high quality translation service, and we can deliver the finished product, properly packaged. When it comes to languages, we just follow one guideline: handle with care.


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