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Why will a translation agency save your bacon?

Price is sometimes a factor in determining which translation agency you choose. At Okodia Translation Services we understand that all companies have budget restrictions and specific needs, although we do suggest not only looking at price when you are choosing a supplier.

It is always important to involve a translation professional in the project, someone with training and experience in the translation sector.

A translation agency no matter what

Speed of response, personalisation of the service and flexibility in delivery times are very important factors to consider. A translation agency has a team of professionals, so it normally has the availability to respond to a job more flexibly than a freelance translator can.

It is also advisable for all documents to be revised by a specialist  after their translation to ensure the best possible results: consistency in the terminology used, register of the text, spelling, textual coherence, etc.

We should not forget the importance of the translation project manager who is responsible for selecting the translation professional who, due to their experience and profile, best suits the project to be carried out, as well advising the customer and being their permanent point of contact if there are any queries or last minute changes.

At times, customers also need someone to work on the layout design or provide SEO expertise, for example when it comes to graphic design or websites, so there can be several professionals involved in a single translation project.

There is no doubt that a translation agency has more resources, both human and material, to get the job done and this is reflected in the price. But the results are 100% quality and using a translation agency for your projects will undoubtedly save your bacon.