Readers of a certain age – not old, just “certain” – will no doubt remember words like abetal, ambigú, sinsustancia and calbote. These are some examples of words that have gradually been disappearing from the Spanish language and its vocabulary but that are still used in some towns.

Spanish is not the only language have lost words over the years. For example, an English computer engineer designed a program that predicted the English words with the highest probability of dying out. Words like squeeze, stick and bad were predicted to fall into disuse in just a few years (and, with what is happening today, I really don’t understand why the word “bad” has to disappear!).

Anyway, we don’t want to get nostalgic, but … it is a bit of a shame that the Spanish words that accompanied us for so many years are gradually being lost, words that are an intrinsic part of our memories, of our life.

So today, at Okodia, we want to pay a small tribute to some of the Spanish words that have almost disappeared.

Acocharse  To squat, crouch.
Babieca Simple minded person.
Calbote Roasted chestnut.
Descular  Get to the bottom of. Unravel.            .
Embeleco A trick, deception.
Fierabrás Bad and depraved person
Ganapán  Rude and rough man.
Hopo Tuft or lock of hair.
Introito The first thing the priest said at the altar when starting mass.
Jacarear Walking through the streets singing and disturbing everyone.
Katiuska Wellington boot.
Liróforo Poet.
Malandrín Evil, wicked, scoundrel.
Nocherniego A night wanderer.
Ñiquiñaque Very despicable person or thing.
Ófrico Dark, gloomy.
Paparote Simpleton, unintelligent.
Quitameriendas Plant from the Liliaceae family.
Recórcholis Crumbs!
Sancirole Thick person, simpleton.
Tenguerengue Wobbly.
Uncir Tie or attach oxen, mules or other beasts to the yoke.
Vivalavirgen Happy-go-lucky person.
Yeyé Type of music for young people that became fashionable in the 1960s.
Zamborrotudo Rough, thick and badly formed.


Anyway, as you can see, this is a small selection of our favourite old words. And you? Do you have any words in danger of extinction, in Spanish or any other language, that you want to share with us?



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