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    You may have noticed that the current global situation is urgently requiring more solidarity and cooperation.

    Working as a translator also allows you to do volunteer work. There are many ways and places where you can help as a volunteer translator. Of course, working as a volunteer translator will enrich your personal and professional experience, but in these cases we believe that, rather than adding to your CV, you should be mainly impelled by a desire to help and contribute to the world around you.

    Cooperation as a translator and interpreter can be provided both on the field and from your own home. Practically all the NGOs you know require translation help at some pint:a Fundación San Vicente Ferrer, Amnesty International, Ayuda en Acción, Oxfam, and Medicus Mundi, among others, often need to translate their projects, reports, and even websites.   Sometimes cooperation involves something as gratifying as translating letters written by sponsored children, as in the case of Plan Internacional.

    As we said, you can also help on the field. You can view the websites of many national and international NGOs that need translators and interpreters. This is the case of ICVoluntarios, which recruits EU interpreters that can provide linguistic support to immigrants. They help them when they reach a country where they don’t speak the local language, and support them in their everyday tasks, mainly those related to education.

    The Rosetta Foundation and Translators without Borders are two other international bodies where you can help as a volunteer.

    If you are seriously considering being a volunteer translator or interpreter, you should bear in mind that it requires availability, time, and commitment. Consider which causes you care most about. They needn’t have an extensive scope, but pertain to people, the environment, or animals (we remember the case of a Tenerife animal shelter that asked for help translating its website into English and German, to raise awareness among the large local British and German population). Any motivation is good when it comes to helping those who need it. Just bear in mind that this excludes multinationals that ask for translators willing to work for free, claiming that they will improve their CV. If you are willing to volunteer as a translator, make sure that you work on something that is really worth it.




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