“We have approved your estimate”. “I needed it yesterday”. These two phrases, despite being complementary, tend to create different moods in professional translators. Doing specialized translations sometimes creates tension, moments of happiness and even nervousness. We have gathered together a professional translators best and worst moods; surely you can identify! The best thing of all? That, despite everything, we love what we do and we get the job done to satisfy our clients. 

1- Doubts

Can I do it within the required time frame? Will I manage to submit it on time? Professional translators generally work on a per-project basis. At Okodia Translation Group, when a client gets in touch with us and tells us their needs, we send the job to a professional translator who specializes in the subject matter. Generally speaking, clients do not give a generous lead time to complete the job, which is why it is common for professional translators to have doubts. But this is only one of the first moods of a translator. They quickly move on to the next stage!

2- Excitement

Once the professional translator has gone past the first stage (which, believe me, doesnt last very long, as theres usually no time for it), here comes one of the moods of a translator which must be used to best advantage: excitement! I can do it and I will do it! Make the most of it as this is when the professional is at their most motivated. Our translation agency always tries to motivate our professional translators to get them excited about the new job. There are projects that are really very interesting, and ultimately, not only do they involve translating but also acquiring new knowledge. 🙂

3- Im the best!

Has it ever happened to you that youre meeting the deadlines set by the boss and that the work is turning out really well? So, what crosses your mind then? “Im the best!” Of course, you are! Why wouldnt you be? Among a translator’s moods, theres also room for some self-love and a great dose of optimism and positivity. 

4- Indecision 

“Should I translate this word or not?” Translators also have doubts, especially with regard to the terms that they use. At Okodia, we tend to help each other out when we’re not really sure about how to translate a certain word. In fact, all our projects go through two translators to guarantee the highest quality standards. Never fear! Youll also move past indecision. Fortunately, it is common industry practice to help each other out. 

 5- Fury

Working with new technologies sometimes brings out the worst in us. Who hasnt lost valuable work due to computer problems? Remember, to keep these things from happening, regularly save a back-up copy. 

6- Satisfaction 

Project submitted and in record time! We already knew that you were the best. A translators moods can sometimes get in the way, but as we say in our translation agency in London: you can overcome anything!




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