Speechless and wide-eyed. That’s how we, the Okodia team were, when we came across the following translation news. We already knew of the importance of translation in other languages, but we could never have imagined that countries like Brazil, Spain or Russia gave it so little importance, or that knowing other languages makes one more reflective. And if you seek to broaden your business vision, Europe recommends the translators should become specialised. We already are, are you?

1 – Countries that use (automatic) translation the most

We caught you! And not exactly for your good work in the translation world. The list of grammatical, lexical, spelling and consistency mistakes (among others) has exposed Brazil, Spain, Russia and even Portugal as being unable to resist using Google translator, that produced, as we illustrated in The worst mistakes in the history of google translator, an endless list of mistakes. It’s not surprising that it could even cause a diplomatic conflict. Did you think that the US, the birthplace of the most popular automatic translator is where it is most used? You’re wrong! We spotted this snippet of translation news in El Comercio (you can read it by clicking here) and we were astonished. Be very careful, of what you translate and where you translate it.

2 – Think in another language and you’ll get it right.

If you’re one of the few people blessed with the abilities of reflection and reasoning, it’s undoubtedly because you’ve taken your decision in a language other than your mother tongue. This is one of the most impressive snippets of translation news that we’ve seen. According to the study, the language skills improve deliberative thinking and makes you think twice before diving into the pool. If it’s for the common good, you need to get started. In this respect, we were very much inspired by the information published in the article by El País (read it by clicking here).

3 – Europe needs specialised translators

“Get specialised”. We never tire of repeating the virtues of specialised translation and now Europe is the one confirming our claims, you can’t wipe the smile off our faces (believe us). A meeting at the European Commission has reiterated what we already knew at Okodia, the world is increasingly more specialised and needs sworn translators, audiovisual translators, website translators, medical translators, software translators… you only have to read the article in La Gaceta de Salamanca (read it by clicking here) to see that we were right. In an increasingly global world, specialised translators are the heroes. What do you think?  


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