What helps a small business grow into a large company? Without a doubt, it is having a breadth of vision. If you want evidence of this, just look at Walt Disney which has grown from a small idea to what it is today. Other examples include Facebook and Google, which have become world famous out of nowhere. As this shows, the key to success is being a visionary and using the right translation services to make yourself known to the rest of the planet. In this article we want to tell you about the most in demand translation services with large companies.

The priority for large companies: translating their website

Online sales have replaced traditional ones in many cases. According to Retail Actual, 76.6% of Internet users already make purchases online. This figure is almost six percentage points higher than in 2020 and it is expected to continue rising with the boom in electronic commerce.

Although electronic commerce was given a boost by the Covid-19 pandemic, the truth is that large companies have for many years understood how important a role technology was going to play in increasing their turnover. Currently, there are six large groups of companies worldwide that account for more than 58% of all electronic commerce globally. The key to their success? The translation of websites.

This type of work should not be done casually. It is important to understand where your target audience is located. When doing this, using tools like Google Analytics can often really help, since they allow business owners to identify exactly what countries their target audience are in and what languages they use.

Large companies also have powerful market research departments responsible for analysing in detail the cost of the product being sold, its competitive advantages, its competitors and how popular it is likely to be in other markets. The result of this research helps them better determine into which languages they need to translate the website or e-commerce page. After all, reports suggest that most Internet users prefer to read content in their own language.

Technical translation, the key for multinationals

In addition, multinationals, especially those in the pharmaceutical, construction and engineering sectors, which operate in several countries at the same time and usually have more technical meetings, tend to need technical translations. In this case, they want a translation of technical manuals, engineering reports, software applications or regulations. To ensure that there are no mistakes in these jobs, the specific knowledge of technical translators is necessary.

Specifically, this type of job entails transmitting information in an objective manner. In addition, these translations must be perfectly accurate. In most cases, large companies need to translate technical reports on the projects they have run so that they can share this with other areas of the company located in other parts of the world. The solution is usually to hire professionals who can transfer all the information without making any mistakes and who use the target language properly.

Legal translations, essential for internationalisation

When running their businesses, companies must comply with a series of legal requirements. One of the most important is usually related to protecting the data they handle. It is no surprise that one of the most in-demand translation services with companies relates to the legal field.

Through legal translations, companies can manage to enter other markets. When a company is already international, it will have legal, tax and administrative documents that it needs in more than one language. It must be remembered that this type of translation is carried out to meet the specifications of the country the translation is being produced for, so all documents will have to be adapted.

Legal translation is complex and involves many specific terms, so companies need the help of specialised translators in this field. In addition, when translating these documents, it must also be considered that legislation changes from country to country, so sometimes the documents for translation will have to be adapted.

Should I outsource the translation service?

Large and small companies are alike in choosing not to have internal departments dedicated to translating documents, instead preferring to outsource the service. You may ask whether you should do the same. The answer is undoubtedly yes. Here are the reasons why.

  • Lower costs. The cost of the translation service will always be lower if you outsource it. In addition, translations do not follow a steady rhythm, so when there are peaks of work you can always rely on a translation company to guarantee that the work gets done in a timely manner.
  • Specialised translators. A translation agency will provide you with native, specialised translators in the languages you need, so the advantage will always be greater.

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