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    Christmas is coming, and (once again) we have to think about what presents we should give to those close to us. If you are close to a freelance translator, here are some ideas.

    1. An ergonomic chair: every freelance translator spends a squillion hours in front of the computer.  The best thing to keep their back from going to hell is a comfortable chair that will help them to keep the best possible posture.
    2. Dictionaries: even though there are many online resources now, some specialised dictionaries (either in print or as e-books) cannot be found online. Depending on the translator’s speciality, you can find excellent medical, legal, financial, and other dictionaries.
    3. Courses: there’s not better gift than the gift of knowledge. As in the previous case, you can find specific courses and training aimed at the various translation specialities.
    4. A stand for documents: a very useful thing. It helps you to keep a correct posture (particularly the neck) and makes work easier and faster.
    5. Comfortable clothing: because there’s not need to work in your pyjamas and dressing gown.
    6. A coffee maker: coffee is almost an entire food group in the diet of most translators. It’s a present that will be probably be given lots of use.
    7. Licences: any respectable translator uses CAT tools, but there aren’t usually cheap, and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to invest in them. A licence for programs like Trados or MemoQ can be a great gift.
    8. Massage: if the ergonomic chair came too late, you can always relieve back problems, or simple stress, with some good massage sessions.
    9. A time planner: a must for translators to avoid missing a deadline.
    10. A mini-break: nothing relieves stress so much as a trip, even if it’s only for a weekend. Freelancers often cannot tell weekends apart from the rest of the week, so they are likely to like it. A lot.

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