Looking at Almudena, one of Okodia’s professional translators, no one would ever guess that she sometimes works while standing up. It’s one of her quirks, just as working surrounded by silence in her office is, which make her a great professional. At Okodia Translation Services, we’ve taken this opportunity to get to know her a little better and we’ve discovered that one of the specialties that gets her fired up is marketing translation. And she reveals why!

1- What do you think translation and interpretation contribute to everyday life?

At the corporate level, professional translation enables companies to effectively communicate with their customers and partners, while creating an image of reliability and trustworthiness which gives rise to better results and a more advantageous position within the market in the long run.

2- What is the best advice you’ve ever received when you decided to venture into the world of translation?

Find your niche and hone your specialties, and focus on them in order to offer the best quality possible. Avoid becoming a jack-of-all trades, master of none.

3- Which translation specialty do you think contributes the most to society and why?

On the one hand, medical translation facilitates the dissemination of health-related knowledge and innovations across borders and languages, and this is of great benefit to all human beings. And on the other hand, journalistic translation is also crucial given the times we live in, where information spreads practically instantaneously and it is of utmost importance for people to have access to translations that can accurately convey the nuances of each situation.

4- Now, which type of translation gets you fired up?

Perhaps it’s because I took up Business Management and Marketing, but I love conveying emotions with words. In this specialty, we native speakers have an ace up our sleeve as we are able to recognize the minor differences between several options that, at first glance, may seem identical but in fact have subtle nuances, depending on the context, message, purpose and target audience. When I come across a piece of text that has been written extremely well, it gets me really psyched as it makes my job so much easier, and it helps me make sure that the translation turns out as well written as the original.

5- Translators are known to have many quirks while working. What are yours?

I like working in my office, surrounded by silence, always following certain steps that allow me to ensure the quality of my output, and sometimes I work while standing up (I have an adjustable desk).

6- Which place would you choose to get away from it all?

Without a doubt, New York. I frequently travel there because I love its energy and there are always new things to discover. In that city, I feel right at home and on my turf. I never get bored there!


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