Many thoughts cross your mind when you find out that you’re pregnant. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, chances are, you were happy to finally get what you’ve been yearning for for so long, nervous about where to begin and when to do it, afraid that something might go wrong… because once you get the news, time simply flies by. The belly-project grows, the fetus develops and before you know it, it’s ready to come into the world! This is without including the problems that arise when you speak more than one language and you should ensure that your linguistic “pregnancy” goes as smoothly as possible, as it’s important not to mix up languages when a child is just beginning to learn to speak. Otherwise, they could make many mistakes later on when communicating.


It is said that pregnancy lasts nine months, or eight, or a little more. Everything depends on what the “client” considers ready to be shared with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, with a linguistic “pregnancy”, lead times change and we have it on good authority that, for example, the “baby” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows only had a gestation period of three days. You should look on the bright side; this way, the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives skip the nine-month long wait (which, to be honest, just seems to drag on) and the expectant mother avoids having to go months without sleeping a wink while trying to make sure that everything goes according to plan with the linguistic “pregnancy”, among other difficulties.

A multiple pregnancy

“Can a linguistic pregnancy last only three months instead of nine?” you’ll wonder. Most definitely! And even just one day if we get down to business. But this will not be possible without good management of the “project”. In this case, project managers can be likened to gynecologists, who coordinate the work of midwives, nurses, etc. to deliver the baby. And yes! Under their able management, the best language experts work together to shorten a linguistic “pregnancy” from nine months to only three (or in less time) and for the “baby” to be born healthy, strong and eager to go out into the world. At the very least, at Okodia Translation Services in London , we’ve already successfully completed several projects of this kind. Chalk it up to parental pride. 😉


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