One of the most frequently used mobile apps is WhatsApp. I’m sure that you also use it lots of times every day. Have you noticed how many Japanese icons there are on it? Yes? Do you know their translation, or do you just use them randomly? In this post, we want to share with you the real translation of the Japanese icons that are so popular on WhatsApp.

The messaging app contains more than 3,000 emojis divided into different sections, such as people, animals, food, road signs, arrows and many more. There are too many emoticons to count! However, one of these sections contains Japanese icons. Do you know the real translation of the Japanese icons that are so popular on WhatsApp? Let’s take a look!

Japanese icons since 2009

Japanese WhatsApp icons were created in 2009, although they weren’t approved by Unicode until 2015.

The blue Japanese emoji means ‘Here’, the green one means ‘Reserved’, the red one has two translations, it can be translated as ‘Discount’, or more literally as ‘reduced prices’. Finally, the orange one means ‘Free’.

Translation of Japanese icons

Using the correct emoticons in the correct context is essential. Keep in mind that an emoticon badly used, due to not really understanding its meaning, can often have a negative impact on the user.

In these cases, professional translation can help you to discover which icons are the most suitable to use in each case. It must be borne in mind that cultural differences could cause complicated situations arising out of misunderstandings.

Professional translators, when performing their work involving elements such as the translation of Japanese icons, consider all possible scenarios. The invention and use of emojis means that documents containing them need to be translated.

The traditional emoji is called ‘Face with tears of joy’ and is a yellow face with raised eyebrows, closed eyes with tears coming out of the sides from laughter and an open mouth. On some platforms, the face is also showing its the top teeth and tongue. It is used to express that something is very funny, amusing or pleasing. However, it is not the only icon on WhatsApp. Currently, Japanese icons are all the rage. Do you use them? Tell us about your experience!

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