Working as a translator requires being up to date with respect to all new developments and being in contact with other professionals to exchange views and experiences. For this reason, translation journals are one of the best resources for translation professionals and agencies.

The main benefit of this type of publication is their frequency and periodic content update. So today we’ll take a look at some of the best translation journals by language of origin. 



  1. Translation Journal: A veteran in the field. It started to be published in 1997 to discuss translation and all aspects related to the industry. The main benefit of this journal is that it is completely free, and all its articles can be viewed online and downloaded as PDF files.
  2. Translating Today: a periodic publication about translation professionals. It has different sections on art, religion, etc.
  3. JoSTrans: rather than a journal, this is a forum for translation professionals.



  1. Circuit: the journal of the Québec Association of Translators, Terminologists, and Legal Interpreters. It is published on a quarterly basis, and, in addition to articles on translation, also provides very interesting articles on terminology, linguistics, bilingual and multilingual communication, etc.
  2. Meta Journal des Traducteurs: the oldest journal in this list. It is the periodic journal of the University of Montréal, which started to be published in 1955. It has an online version, and also publishes in English and Spanish.



  1. Puentes: the periodic journal of the University of Granada School of Translation and Interpretation. It is published in Spanish and can be read online. You can also subscribe and download its contents in PDF format.
  2. TRANS: another university journal: This one from the University of Málaga. It publishes in Spanish, English, and French. You will find information about translation history, theory, methodology, and teaching, as well as descriptive and practical texts on translation and interpretation.
  3. El Trujamán: this is a journal from an official institution. El Trujamán can be found on the Instituto Cervantes website. This journal publishes daily, offering articles by great translation professionals linked to Hispanic culture and literature.
  4. La Linterna del Traductor: the multilingual jounral of ASETRAD (the Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders, and Interpreters).

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