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TM Real Estate Group is a family company from Alicante. It specialises in the development and construction of second homes along the Mediterranean coast. In addition, it also operates in the Mexican Caribbean. As part of its international expansion, it decided to use a translation agency, namely Okodia, to achieve the best results. Let us share with you just what a success story this technical and legal translation work has been.

TM Real Estate Group not only specialises in housing development and construction. It is also involved in other business sectors such as hotel management and operation, holiday rentals, furniture brokerage and farming, among others. It realised that in order to adapt to new markets it needed to use professional translation services.

«At TM we are always aiming to be the leading group in the property sector, working towards a better future, building homes in a sustainable way and providing a high-quality service for the people, customers, members of the public, shareholders and communities in which we carry out our activity, generating employment and wealth».

Its headquarters are located in Torrevieja (Alicante). In Spain it mainly operates in the Mediterranean area but it also has hotel developments in the Mexican Caribbean.

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    Results with Okodia

    • Ongoing support in the process of adapting to new markets
    • Attracting new customers by communicating with them in their own language
    • High quality translations and short delivery times
    • Specialised team in different areas always available


    About 70% of our customers are international. We realised that we needed to use a translation company to help us adapt our content to the languages of the markets that are most important for the TM Real Estate Group. Okodia has helped us throughout this process, resulting in both easier and quicker contact with our current customer portfolio, as well as with potential customers.

    We have been working with Okodia since 2018 and have always received an excellent service from the team. Jobs are delivered to the required quality and by the agreed deadline. We mostly send them technical translations, such as translations of building specifications or maintenance manuals, and legal translations for sales contracts.

    It gives us peace of mind to work with a team that delivers the work in a timely and correct manner, especially when our deadlines are generally very tight and often urgent.

    Alicia SilveraAdministration - Diversification Specialist

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    We are proud to contribute to the success of this company in our role as its translation agency.