Caso de éxito Escales París

Success story in translations for the fashion industry


French fashion brand for men and women, producing footwear, accessories and perfumes

Translation of texts for the fashion industry

Caso de éxito Escales París

ESCALES is an exclusive and prestigious international brand with a chic image inspired by the French Riviera. Its collections are made using natural and sustainable materials.

«We have a very international customer profile which is why a few years ago we decided to internationalise the website and our collections into almost a dozen languages. Currently our e-commerce is helping us in this process of international growth, which is why its translation into the language of our clientele is essential».

We are located in Paris and mainly operate in France. We have around twenty stores throughout France, as well as in Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

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    • Peace of mind and guarantee of success when working on multilingual projects
    • Speed without any loss of quality in all the translations received
    • Increased reach of our products in an international market


    The customers using our online store are international, which is why we wanted to translate the website so that we could communicate with them in their own languages. Translating our e-commerce offering into several languages has opened up a range of possibilities for attracting new customers.

    To do this we chose a translation agency in Barcelona called Okodia and we are delighted with the result! Working with them has given us peace of mind since the translations have always lived up to our expectations.

    The work we have entrusted to the professional translators at Okodia has involved the translation of our website, as well as all the product descriptions that we include there. That is why it is very important for us to work on web positioning and Okodia is also helping us to adapt our translations for SEO.

    We appreciate the speed with which you deliver translations to us in so many languages. This allows us to work quickly in our product creation processes for our e-commerce offering.

    NicholasE-commerce Manager

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