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AR is an advertising agency that has been operating in Spain for 34 years. It works with small and large brands both nationally and internationally. Today it is one of the few independent advertising agencies that has been in business for more than thirty years.

Working internationally made it realise that it needed to go one step further and hire a translation agency that could help it to be considered by its customers as part of their teams, rather than as an external supplier. That is what it has achieved by using Okodia’s translation services

Our goal is to continue working hard, offering powerful creativity and service excellence. I think thats what sets us apart from the competition: a service that helps customers see us as part of their team, rather than an external supplier.”

The advertising agency is based in Madrid, but also has customers in many other Spanish cities. In addition, it works with multinationals, which means being in contact with people in London, Paris, Milan and Mexico City, among others.

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    Results with Okodia

    • Providing a better service to international customers.
    • Speed in receiving translations.
    • High quality translations and short delivery times
    • Competitive price.


    Before finding Okodia, we sent our translations to companies we didn’t have much of a relationship with. The truth is that we didn’t have much demand for translations. It is thanks to Okodia that we have seen this need growing in our customers. The price, speed and quality of the translations have strengthened our position, allowing us to take on jobs that were previously done by the customers themselves. When you feel good about a partner, you don’t consider changing, even if there are cheaper companies out there. The team at Okodia does an excellent job.

    Rafael SilvaDirector of Development

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