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Agency organising online and in-person events

Transcription and translation of videos

DPI Events has been organising events and communication activities since 2009. We take care of the idea, the production plan, the running and the live management of the event. We cover everything from the creative elements to the technical and corporate communication ones.

We are specialists in the pharmaceutical/health sector mainly but also have customers in sectors such as technology, food and others. Our principles are Innovate – Optimise – Surprise.

“Our aim is to retain the trust of our customers and attract new ones so that we can continue growing, improving and innovating”

Our headquarters are based in Madrid but we operate throughout Spain and Europe. We will be wherever our customers need our help.

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    • Ability to meet tight delivery deadlines
    • High quality technical translations
    • Translators specialising in the pharmaceutical industry
    • The chance to reach out to international customers


    Since we work in the pharmaceutical industry and on a Europe-wide basis, we must be very careful about the content we are using in other languages. We often need the translation of technical documents and Okodia has demonstrated that it can be a fantastic ally in that task.

    Okodia has been very punctual in delivering jobs, which at times have required very tight deadlines, and without this affecting the quality of its scientific translations.

    Thank you and hopefully we will continue to have many opportunities to work together.

    Marta Fraga GraellsManaging Director

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    We are proud to contribute to the success of this company in our role as its translation agency.