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MDBO is a marketing agency in Barcelona that is dedicated to providing the services of a senior marketing professional, specialised in retail and industrial and digital marketing. Its services range from marketing consultancy to outsourcing, that is, with MDBO the customer has the possibility to outsource their complete marketing department.

“From now on, we hope to continue growing and be in a position to help more customers to sell more and better with our marketing services, and we are sure that we want to take this path with Okodia.”

MDBO’s customers include SMES, entrepreneurs, start-ups and eBusinesses. In the internationalisation projects of some of our customers, we used the translation company Okodia as a specialised partner for professional translations. In fact, we rely on Okodia whenever a project requires a professional translation, because since the very first day they have been able to guarantee a job well done.


    Results with Okodia

    • Translations available in less time and at a lower cost.
    • Higher quality commercial translations; more effective commercially.
    • Improved brand image in the translated communications of customers.
    • Time saving in chasing translations; punctual deliveries.
    • Full confidence in the quality of the translations delivered to the customers: with no errors.


    We are very happy with Okodia in many aspects. To start, we obtained an almost instantaneous response when we requested a quote through their website. We were immediately assigned a project manager who was at our disposal at all times.</p>
    <p>Okodia always advises us and provides responses quickly and professionally.</p>
    <p>We previously worked with freelance translators and we even produced translations with the customer’s own sales team who spoke different languages, but in the end this was more costly, in both time and money, not to mention the quality of the translation, as although it was grammatically correct, it was poor, it had no editorial style and this gave off a very poor image. For a long time now we have chosen to go down the path of professional translations and our projects are better and produce greater results.</p>
    <p>Since choosing to use professional translations, our projects are better and produce greater results.</p>
    <p>At the beginning we always requested 3 quotes from 3 translation agencies and we always chose the cheapest: big mistake! Tired of chasing agencies because they did not meet deadlines and after an incident regarding a translation with errors, I finally found Okodia. They helped me to correct the mistake and even raised the bar! Now, I know I am paying a more than affordable price for a professional and quality job.

    Marina de Blas OcañaDirector

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