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EasyDataHost is a company responsible for providing consultancy services to small and medium sized companies in order to offer them products that increase the functional performance of their infrastructure. We also offer infrastructure services in the datacentre, cloud, virtualisation and IP telephony.

“Our main objective is to grow with our customers, that is, to grow as their needs grow, helping them to efficiently handle them.”

“Like any company, we plan to grow, not at the cost of our customers but rather with them, providing tailor-made solutions with an added value that help them to efficiently address their needs. Our infrastructure is located in Madrid and we provide our service to all of Spain.”


    Results with Okodia

    • Proven reliability in the translations
    • Delivery of translations quickly and in record time
    • Simplicity and ease of translating various languages at once
    • Official sworn translations with no complications.
    • Extensive experience of the native team: guaranteed quality


    Okodia helped us to efficiently and quickly translate all of our presentations and offers for the foreign market into different languages: English, German, Russian and Chinese. It is important to emphasise that the offers are generated by us and translated by them in record time.
    The best added value is speed, reliability and experience, the key to successfully competing in the international market.
    It also has several factors setting it apart from the competition: speed, proven reliability, extensive experience in the sector and sworn translation services, which is very useful in our sector. We hope to continue working with Okodia for a long time and for the relationship to continue being equally fruitful. We will recommend you to the relevant people in our sector.

    Manuel RíosCTO

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    We are proud to contribute to the success of this company in our role as its translation agency.