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DabaSystem is a company with its head office in Sabadell and it is dedicated to the development of apps, e-commerce and websites. Our strong point is the development of specific projects, highly complex projects that, in order to carry them out, require not only experience, but also continuous training and always innovating and incorporating new technologies into the projects.

“We work with companies in different places thanks to new technologies and we are seeing an increasing number of large projects that, to a greater or lesser extent, end up being successful. As a company, we want to develop at least one application and make it successful and to be able to work on internal projects, as well as the projects of our customers.”

We are a young multidisciplinary team where each person works on what they like most and what they do best. This means that we have iOS, Android and website developers and designers who are enthusiastic about their work. This shows in the results of our projects.


    Results with Okodia

    • Development of “multi-language” apps thanks to an expert team.
    • Better than expected results on expanding the business based on the translation of apps, websites and e-commerce.
    • Full availability and almost instantaneous responses: Okodia forms part of our team.


    We are very happy with Okodia in many aspects. To start, we obtained an almost instantaneous response when we requested a quote through their website. We were immediately assigned a project manager who was at our disposal at all times.

    Okodia always advises us and provides responses quickly and professionally.

    Our translation work is continuous so speed was paramount. With Okodia this was a success and they have been a member of our team ever since. They know our work and this shows in the final result.

    Daniel GarcíaApp & IOS design and development

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    We are proud to contribute to the success of this company in our role as its translation agency.