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DIMA S.L. manufactures medical devices, specialising in implantable products to correct pelvic floor disorders (urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses, etc.). Operating internationally, we offer excellent quality guaranteed by ISO 13485:2016. DIMA S.L. is responsible for the entire manufacturing process, from the raw material to the final sterilised product.

During the COVID-19 pandemic DIMA S.L. has invested time and money in the manufacture of 100% domestically-produced masks in facilities specifically dedicated to that. It has been a great success and our production is currently very competitive.

“Our main aim is to continue manufacturing high quality Spanish products for our customers so that we remain an important brand alongside the largest companies in the sector (Johnson&Johnson, Boston Scientific, Coloplast, etc.).”

Founded in 1994, our company is based in Calatayud, Zaragoza, from where we distribute our products worldwide, to Europe, South America, Asia and the United States.


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    • Great communication, attentive team, efficient and good customer service.
    • Team of professional translators showing great attention to detail.
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    Okodia has an exceptional team of translators. Before discovering Okomeds and its group of translators specialised in the medical sector, DIMA had worked with other translators, both freelancers and companies, but without being completely satisfied with the end result.

    Our experience with the projects carried out so far by Okodia’s teams of translators has been truly remarkable. They have been very efficient, not only translating the texts but also offering their feedback on the perception of the content and always justifying any contextual modifications they introduce, helping us to ensure that all the concepts are very clear in the target language.

    Okodia has an exceptional team of translators who offer their opinions on the perception of the content to help make the concepts very clear in the target language. In addition, they have very attentive and efficient project managers who have facilitated communication between DIMA and the translators at all times.

    Karli KephartQuality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

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