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At Codurance we offer software services and solutions. We drive innovation in organisations through agile software delivery, hands-on technical expertise, and expert advice. We provide the necessary practices, technologies, and skills at each step of the project to ensure the highest quality is delivered.

“Our goal is to help the organisations we work with to create a more sustainable and adaptable future for the business through well-designed software and positive cultural change.”

We are based in London, Manchester and Barcelona. We work with organisations around the world.


    Results with Okodia

    • Presence in new markets thanks to the translations
    • Agreed deadlines were met
    • Experience of the native team of translators: guaranteed quality
    • Very adaptable to different needs


    Okodia has helped us to communicate our services and value propositions in Spanish and it has done so while meeting the agreed deadlines. This is very noteworthy and very valuable for us.

    The experience has been good. Despite the fact that we work with a very technical language, the translations have been accurate and the delivery deadlines have been adjusted to our needs and met.

    We like working with committed suppliers and Okodia is certainly that.

    Helena Abellán,Head of Communications and Marketing

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