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Soft tissue support devices

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Galatea Surgical is a global company based in Boston, MA, operating in more than 32 countries. Including Latam & Apac.

Galatea Surgical, Inc. is passionate about bringing the patient’s strength and beauty to life through reinforcement of weak and compromised tissue with an innovative solution for soft tissue support. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tepha, Inc., the Galatea team has created a portfolio of optimized soft tissue support devices utilizing a biologically derived fully absorbable material: poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HBTM) to lift and reinforce soft tissue in breast surgery procedures.

“We need a reliable company behind us to reach our customers and patients in their local languages.”

We aim to deliver unique solutions for surgeons that improve surgical outcomes and enrich patients’ lives and to become the standard soft tissue support option for plastic and reconstructive surgeons and patients.


    Results with Okodia

    • Ability to open our company to new markets thanks to multilingual translations
    • High-speed response and reaction time, especially coordinating many agents in a short space of time
    • Charming relationship and well managed and organized team
    • Responsible and compromised with all the projects


    I worked with Okodia at my previous company and felt they were the right company to support me in this new project. Since 2011, Galatea Surgical was focused on the US market until 2019, when the International team developed and opened many new markets. Okodia has supported us since the very beginning providing translations in more than 17 languages to be able to attend the needs of new countries. For a US company that goes global, it is vital to have a partner like Okodia to rely on them all the tools needed to make your new materials, IFU´s, documentation, etc.

    Elena CasadoMarketing & Training Director International Markets

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