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Translation of manuals and product descriptions.

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Amixys combines two activities, on the one hand the manufacture of household appliances with various commercial brands, and on the other, the online sale of both our products and those of other manufacturers. Our main sector is that of robot vacuum cleaners and similar products, but our catalogue and scope of action has grown over the years.

“In the last three years, our growth has been remarkable, and we are currently undergoing an expansion process that includes the diversification and internationalisation of the company as the main objectives.”

We are a French company with our headquarters and central offices in Montpellier, but we have various employees distributed across different parts of the world.


    Results with Okodia

    • Outsourcing of a high volume of translations into various languages
    • Great personal treatment and customer service
    • Reactivity
    • Compliance with delivery deadlines, as promised


    During the early years of the company's existence, we managed our translation needs internally, but with the expansion of our catalogue and the opening of different international sales channels, we saw the need to hire an external agency to help us with the translation of manuals and product sheets into various languages, and this is how our relationship with Okodia began.

    Our experience with Okodia so far has been very positive. Their interest and reactivity in dealing with our requests stands out.
    We decided on this agency because of the great service and interest they showed from the very first day, and their reactivity when accepting and completing our orders has been key for us, as our work system is very dependent on external constraints that force us to response quickly to market opportunities.

    Pablo SanzUX Manager

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