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Audio, gaming and technology

Translations of corporate material and website content

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Hiditec is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of technology. Specifically, it has three completely different lines: audio, gaming and integration. It is a young company, whose objective is for the latest technology to be available to everyone.

“Our objective is to continue growing and operate outside of Spain; an internationalisation process will begin in 2018.”

The company is located in the province of Alicante, with activity in over 10,000 points of sale nationally.


    Results with Okodia

    • Translation carried out by natives
    • Peace of mind from working with a reliable, responsible and professional company
    • Support for the internationalisation of our company
    • Improved turnover and profits globally


    Before working with Okodia, Hiditec did not have a professional company to help it with website translations. When it decided to start the internationalisation project, the online site had to be adapted to different audiences.

    Our experience with Okodia has been very good, as it is a company that works quickly and professionally.

    We decided to work with Okodia because they seemed to be a reliable company with good references. Using Okodia has helped us to have better translations adapted into different languages and, therefore, to prepare ourselves for internationalisation.

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