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As you know, almost everything can be translated. Websites can be translated, leaflets that come with medicines can be translated, corporate notifications can also be translated. However, can you translate beauty? Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to translate the makeup you use or your cosmetics? Well, they can also be translated! Professional translation knows no bounds and yes, beauty can be translated.

Professional translation plays a key role in the cosmetics industry and, as I image you already know, not all cosmetics on sale in your country are made there. You are likely to be using products made in Korea or other countries. Cosmetic manufacturing companies are a good example of organisations that start their activity in a local market and then expand beyond its borders.

Translating beauty: starting with innovation

The starting point when translating beauty is the strategy of the cosmetics industry. Many companies begin their evolution with a strong commitment to product innovation and marketing, two areas where having accurate translations is key to ensuring regulatory compliance. Also essential is accurately conveying their value proposition in the local language of consumers all around the world. Without the translation of cosmetics, you would never have known about many of the products you are currently using.

However, so that consumers really understand the beauty products they are going to use, it is important to start with the advertising message and ensure that this message, the result of a clear marketing strategy, reaches different countries and adapts to their local cultures.

Adapting the advertising power of the language of cosmetics into the different languages is only possible when the translation is carried out in the highly professional way that only a professional translation agency can guarantee.

Translate beauty with the professionals

Translation professionals are required if this is to be a success. Only professional translators specialised in cosmetic translation understand the specific vocabulary, the jargon of the field they work in. The cosmetics industry is continually launching new market trends and technological advances that form the basis of its advertising, creating a whole new set of technical terms. This means that professional translation is essential for an effective international strategy.



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