If you already have a company for some time or have recently entered the world of start-ups, you will be interested to know that almighty Google has decided to make some changes in Adwords. These changes basically consist in expanding the number of characters that can be used in its headings and descriptions, as explained in this article. Although Adwords is obviously used for advertising purposes, we should not overlook the importance of proper use of language in order to make the most of it. It seems that the key factor is, of course, proper use of words.  This is a good time for all kinds of company to consider, if they haven’t already done so, delegating the writing of the various texts that will serve as their calling cards for Adwords in a professional translator.


No doubt the Adwords texts, as is regrettably often the case in many other fields, run the risk of being linguistically underestimated and end up as terrible products of mistranslation by the dangerous and daring Google Translator, which can easily mess things up. Or of falling into the hands of someone who, with good intentions but lacking the linguistic knowledge required, will provide a literal translation that will no doubt damage the company’s image. It is worth taking care of this aspect of your company too if you don’t want to be hurt and cause the opposite effect to the one you want.

Only a professional like those who are part of the  Okodia team can guarantee that every word in the text will be carefully selected, that all the characteristics of every language will be taken into account, and that the text of the headings and descriptions will be written briefly and consistently, which are basic requirements for this Google service.

Professional translators have in-depth knowledge of the language in which they work and will take into account such factors as the length of words in languages such as German, which has particularly long words, or English, in which they are much shorter. This is only an example of the many linguistic factors which a translation professional must take into account. The translator is the artisan of language par excellence, taking care of every text, and will not allow your business to be damaged by use of unsuitable words. Are you willing to take your risk with your customers?

Of course not. At Okodia we have experience, professionalism, and good results. As you can see in the previous link, we are also professionals working in translation for communication agencies and are familiar with the world of advertising. We are the perfect combination to ensure that your company or start-up is more visible on the Internet. We are the knack that your advertising campaign needs.  This goes without saying (unsuitable words).







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