El Hormiguero is one of the most successful television programmes in Spain today. The famous programme, whose format has been exported to other countries, occasionally involves interviews with foreign actors. The best way to do this is by using simultaneous interpretation. Would you like to know how they ensure successful interpreting at El Hormiguero? Keep reading!

Qualities of the perfect interpreter

The work of an interpreter is not easy, especially when they are working against the clock and under pressure, as they are on El Hormiguero. That is why the interpreter must have a series of qualities to ensure that their work is perfect.

The number one quality is nerves of steel. Can you imagine losing the thread of what the actor is saying on live TV? Here, knowing how to stay in control of yourself is essential.

Professional interpreters, such as those on El Hormiguero, must also be curious and unbiased. They must have good reflexes and mental speed. Likewise, they need a great capacity for concentration, continuous study and hard work. We shouldn’t forget that they also need a broad cultural foundation and extensive knowledge of the language they are working with.

The secret to success at El Hormiguero

So now we know the perfect qualities, we can look at the secret to success in programmes like El Hormiguero. Being faithful to what the speaker is saying is hugely important as under no circumstances should they change the meaning of what is being said.

So an interpreter always needs to be very knowledgeable. They must read a lot of press from different sources. They must also keep up to date with national and international events.

Before the event, or before the television programme in this case, the interpreter first studies the topic to be discussed as well as the curriculum and history of the participants.

They usually speak softly as well. This will be appreciated by the ears of those listening and allows us to hear the speaker when speaking through the microphone.

One of the most important secrets is to have rhythm, clarity and intonation consistent with the original message. This is how interpreters like those on El Hormiguero manage to faithfully reproduce the guests’ messages.

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