Working during the summer and not taking holidays can be hard at first, but here are some points to persuade you that offering translation services during the summer can be beneficial for your business.

First of all, you should bear in mind that, if you are working while others are taking a break, you will get new opportunities. Many companies halt during the summer, but what about those that continue with their business as usual yet their usual translation provider is unavailable? Obviously, they will have to find another one, and that’s the perfect opportunity to make yourself known to new customers who may be very happy with your work and establish a new work relationship beyond that specific job. In fact, companies often make use of the summer, when business is lower, to test new providers to work with in the future.


Moreover, there are always emergencies and unexpected jobs from different types of customers: from a private customer who wants to update his CV and translate it, through the customer who needs a sworn translation of her degree to apply for a job abroad, to the hotel owner who has realised that tourists don’t understand their menu and the business owner who has their website translated so as to have up ready when the summer is over. There are endless possibilities, and all customers are valuable.

We are very aware of this fact at Okodia, and for all these reasons we do not disrupt our translation services during the summer holidays. We are ready for any job that our customers need, in any language. We will leave our holidays for another time – travelling in the low season is great!



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