Many of us really look forward to the arrival of summer. That’s normal. After spending the whole year working hard, we all deserve a few days off. But does that mean you should stop work on the projects you have been carrying out? Not at all! If you are considering making the move into international markets, you should know that translations are (also) for summer. 

At Okodia Translation Services we make the most of the summer to work on your projects that need a good professional translation. It can be helpful to make progress during the summer. Imagine going on holiday for a few days only to come back and find all the work you left unfinished has been completed while you were away! Wouldn’t that be great!

Professional translations in summer

So don’t think twice. Professional translations do not rest, they do not care whether it is summer or winter. 

Many companies down tools completely in summer, but what happens to those that want to continue with their normal activity and find themselves without their usual translation provider? They will obviously have to find another one. That does not happen at Okodia.

Do you know what types of professional translation are most common in summer? First, during the summer, when business is quieter, companies often take advantage of the situation to test new suppliers to work with in the future. 

Second, there are always emergencies and unexpected orders from different types of customers. Someone might decide to update their CV and translate it. Someone else might need a certified translation of their qualifications to apply for a job abroad. A hotelier might realise that tourists cannot understand their menu, or the owner of a business may decide to translate their website to have it ready for when the summer ends.

The possibilities are endless and all customers are valuable to us. That is why at Okodia we continue to offer our translation services during the summer months.

We are ready for any assignment our customers may need, in any language they want. We take our holidays at a different time of the year. Travelling in low season has its benefits too!  

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