We´ve talked quite a lot about large companies, about start-ups and how they utilise the endless possibilities that languages present for their businesses. Nevertheless, small companies and endearing long-time business have also come to the conclusion that the content of their business – which varies depending on the activity – must be translated if they don´t want to become stagnant. Your business offers all kinds of written messages and all of them are a reflection of your company. For that reason, they should to be presented in the best possible way.


Languages open doors to a wider audience, but also to imagination and creativity. They enable you to take your business one step further. Take the case of Blaumedia Studio, a wedding videographer with extensive experience, who thought of translating its website with the aim of reaching a specific niche market: couples from other countries that wish to celebrate their wedding somewhere in our country. In this case, other types of documents also need to be translated, such as contracts. When we search on the internet, we end up reading material that we understand and that we are attracted to. If this is in a language that we are familiar with, it´s highly likely that we´ll consider putting it into practice.

Small business owners have had to monitor what´s been going on around them, making adjustments from time to time in order to survive. But occasionally, one small change can bring significant results. Why not invest in the translation of signs? Let´s not forget that tourists stroll around the streets, look around, take photos and read information! Without a doubt, seeing a sign in their own language at a humble business would attract their attention. We´re not talking about seafront shops in a coastal resort, where we´d like to think that translation is taken more seriously, this article focuses on established small business that would like to reinvent themselves.

Using languages in your business always transmits the idea that you are alive and tuned in to new developments in our fast-paced society. Let´s focus on one of the most profitable businesses in our country: catering. In a country that has the most bars per inhabitant in the European Union, it´s worth thinking about how content is presented to foreign clients. It´s time to ensure that signs, menus and other types of information are well translated at the local bar on the corner. The gastronomic experience should be enjoyable from start to finish. If good food isn´t accompanied by good service – and this is where smooth communication comes in – clients will go away disappointed.

If you haven´t revived any aspects of your business for years, or feel that you are stuck in the last decade, at Okodia we have the cure for your ills: the power of words. Do you think your website menus, signs or business cards should be translated? Contact us for advice. We´ve all heard it before: translate or die.


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