In the translation industry, we love processes. Has anyone ever told you about the 3 essential processes or steps in the world of translation? No? Here they are then! They are translation, editing and revision.

With the nearly 7,000 languages spoken around the world today, translation errors are inevitable. We need to adopt a strategic approach to translation to ensure maximum accuracy and that the meaning is the same as in the original language.

Translation, the first step

The first step in this process is the translation, which consists of changing the text from one language to another. Context is very important in this step. The translator must consider not only the language and the country of origin, but also the linguistic variants.

Spanish, for example, is spoken by more than 500 million people around the world, with important differences in vocabulary and grammar depending on the location. So, when we are doing a translation job in this language, we need to consider the context of the translation to adapt it as much as possible to the requirements.

Editing, the most important step

Editing is the next step in the process and possibly the most important. After the text has been translated, editors check that the translations are accurate and consistent with the rest of the document.

It is a correction process that ensures that a quality professional translation is produced. Editors should research and check whether there are better words that retain the meaning and cultural nuances of the original text. Ultimately, the editor is responsible for ensuring that the translation is clear and comprehensive.

Proofreading, an essential step

Proofreading is the final stage of the process. The proof-reader will check the text for grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. They will consider the stylistic factors and ensure that the rules in that country are followed. Proof-readers should always review and analyse the translation to ensure that all the ideas are a true reflection of the original text before then looking at the grammatical issues.

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