With our jaws dropped and our eyes round as saucers. That was what the Okodia team looked like when we stumbled upon the translation news we’re about to share with you. We already had an inkling that translating into other languages was important (nudge nudge wink wink), but what we never would have imagined is how little countries such as Brazil, Spain or Russia take it to heart, or how knowledge of other languages help to become more reflective. And if you’re looking for breadth of vision for your business, Europe says that translators must specialize. We’re already specialized, are you?

1. The countries that use (machine) translation the most

We’re onto them! And not exactly for their good deeds in the world of translation. The list of grammatical, syntax, spelling and agreement errors (among others) has given away the fact that Brazil, Spain, Russia and even Portugal have not been able to avoid using Google Translate, whose list of errors, as we showed in ‘The worst mistakes in the history of Google Translate’, is endless. We wouldn’t be surprised if it could even go so far as to provoke a diplomatic conflict. Did you think the U.S.A., the country of origin of the most well-known machine translation tool, was where it was used the most? Well, you were wrong! We read this piece of translation news in El Comercio (you can read it by clicking here) and we were stunned, to put it mildly. Have a care then, with what you have translated and where you have it translated.

2. Think in another language and you’ll get it right

If you’re one of the lucky few who have the gift of reflection and reasoning, it’s surely because you’ve made a decision in a language other than your native language. It’s actually this piece of translation news that has had the greatest impact on us. According to a study, knowledge of languages benefits deliberative thinking and it makes you think things over carefully before deciding on a certain course of action. If it’s for the common good, we probably should get right down to work. In this case, the information shared by El País served as our inspiration (you can read it by clicking here).

3- Europe needs specialized translators

“You must specialize.” We’ll never get tired of citing the advantages of specialized translation and if the one confirming our assertions is Europe, nothing’s going to wipe the smile from our faces (we assure you). A European Commission meeting reiterated what we at Okodia already knew—the world is growing ever more specialized and sworn translators, audiovisual translators, website translators, medical translators, software translators, etc. are needed. You only have to read the article in La Gaceta de Salamanca (you can read it  by clicking here) to admit that we’re right. In an increasingly globalized world, specialized translators are heroes.  What do you think?


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