Today we are going to look at a more humorous area. You will no doubt have heard countless times that all professional freelance translators work at home in their pyjamas. Is that true or just a myth? Our professional translation agency doesn’t think it’s helpful to generalise. Would you like to find out what the 4 most common stereotypes about translators are? Keep reading!

1. Translators always work in pyjamas

There are many stereotypes about freelancers, and some are more flattering than others. However, the most common one traditionally is that freelance translators always work from home in their pyjamas. What do you think? We can tell you from experience that while there are some who do (and why not?), most professionals choose to get dressed (albeit in casual clothes) before they sit in front of the computer and start work.

2. Proof-readers correct the entire translation

Professional translation agencies like Okodia have rigorous quality standards. That is why all the work delivered by our translators is reviewed. One of the most common stereotypes is that proof-readers correct the work of the translators from start to finish. That is not exactly the case, as our professional translators always do a great job. The job of the proof-reader is to check that the quality of the work is up to standard and to correct any possible misunderstandings that the professional translators may have had.

3. Interpreters who are mistaken for translators

When an interpreter is asked what they do, the often have to clarify that they are interpreters rather than professional translators. It is extremely common to think that an interpreter does the same thing as a professional translator, when in reality the two perform very different tasks. Do you also think that an interpreter translates written texts?

4. The superhuman professional translator

Finally, one of the biggest stereotypes is that professional translators never get sick. Freelance translators are considered to be some sort of superhuman beings who are always well and never get sick. Nothing is further from the reality. Professional translators are human beings with the same problems and difficulties as everyone else and at times it can take a huge effort to keep working.

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