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M@rkDO’s mission is to carry out training, research and advisory activities in the field of Marketing and Operations Management, facilitating the professional development of its member researchers, contributing to the progress of the University of Extremadura and meeting the demands of the business sector and Extremadura’s society in general.

“M@rkDO seeks to be a benchmark in the field of Marketing and Operations Management and, to do this, it is has been established as a Research Group formed by a team of lecturers from UEx.”

M@rkDO is a research group belonging to the University of Extremadura (UEx) and it aspires to recognition of its activity through obtaining results based on the quality of its work and the career advancement of its members.


    Results with Okodia

    • Improving quality in our scientific production
    • Fast attention to our work
    • Translation carried out by natives
    • Help with the review of our production in English


    Okodia has constantly helped us to increase the quality of our scientific production in those research tasks that require a translation and review carried out by native translators. Both the speed of delivery and the quality offered have always been of the highest level.

    Francisco Javier Miranda GonzálezProfessor at UEX / Group Coordinator of M@rkDO

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