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Translation of specialised contracts

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HOK is a global architecture, engineering and planning firm. It operates globally as it works all over the world and has over 1,800 employees spread across 24 cities worldwide.

“We are nowhere but yet everywhere at the same time; that is the key to internationalisation.”

In the words of Bill Hellmuth, Chairman and CEO of HOK, HOK is headquartered nowhere and everywhere. We have transformed ourselves from a “hub and spoke” organisation to one in which our market-based experts collaborate with our regional practices to serve our clients’ needs anywhere in the world.


    Results with Okodia

    • Access to new business opportunities
    • Flexibility in translations to reach agreements with other customers
    • High quality that improves contract negotiations
    • Good communication between the entire team


    Okodia has been responsible for translating the contracts for a new project, which has enabled us to have dynamic, flexible and speedy communication and reviews with our legal team and with the customer.</p>
    <p>Speed, flexibility and quality, three key ingredients for a successful translation</p>
    <p>Our experience since the very first assignment has been very positive, in terms of both the speed and the quality of the service provided. We choose Okodia because of its quick response and professionalism.

    Marisa VegaProject Manager

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