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Translations of children’s books

Editorial Flamboyant is a publisher of children’s illustrated albums aimed at children aged between approximately three and eight. We have an office in Barcelona, distribution points in all autonomous communities (independent local distributors, this point is essential for us), we distribute in Latin America and the USA, and we sell the international rights to the projects developed by the publisher. We attend international fairs such as LER (Mexico), Frankfurt, London and Bologna, and we also try to have a presence at all the local fairs we can attend, either directly or by partnering up with distributors or book shops in the area.

“We publish books that we consider to be little gems and that can be interesting thanks to their aesthetic and educational value, in addition to their interesting content.”

Our objective is to continue publishing books with the same quality as before. We also want to discover talent in our country to be able to make them grow and export them, as we did with “El Monstruo de Colores”. At the moment we have not included a digital edition, although we have assigned the rights of a title.


    Results with Okodia

    • Quick and effective solution with regard to timings
    • 100% punctuality guaranteed
    • Guarantee in the translation of languages such as Galician and Euskera (Basque)
    • Quality translations, even in local languages


    At Editorial Flamboyant, we tend to work with literary translators who are specialised in children’s literature, and we have managed to maintain a great team of freelancers. We turned to Okodia when we had demands with the deadlines and because of the language we needed to translate into (it was difficult finding guaranteed translators in Galician and Basque). Now we can count on a much more punctual and high quality collaborator.

    There might be other cheaper translation companies, but to use a well known expression “if it ain't broke, don't fix it”.
    Our experience with Okodia has always been excellent. The truth is that they are punctual and for us this is essential because we work to very tight deadlines, as we usually carry out production in Slovakia or China and we reserve dates at the printing house. We will of course continue using Okodia’s translation services.

    Patricia MartinPartner/Editor

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