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    The technological development of recent decades led to a boom in startups, which are now hugely popular in the business world. This type of companies are, for the most part although not exclusively, linked to innovation and design in the technology industry. Among many other aspects, they work in web design and development, and this is possibly one of their best-kept secrets, although not the only one.  That is to say, technological support is not enough to guarantee the success of a venture capital company.


    Entrepreneurs who decide to start this kind of business are aware of the need for flexibility to be successful and adapt to the changing needs of clients and of the world nowadays, which is increasingly globalised and has fewer barriers.  So what is the best-kept secret of these entrepreneurs’ success? No doubt, it is now out of the question not to make use of languages and content translation to move easily, with no linguistic barriers, in the competitive world of business.  To start with, web translation is the main requirement if you want to reach a large audience, if you are thinking big.  At Okodia we have no doubt in this respect and offer our guaranteed professional website translation services so that all entrepreneurs can take the first step with their projects. Your website is a showcase which your customers will see, and it should be pleasant and easy to explore. If it is in one language only, you will be shutting the door on many potential customers who, in all likelihood, will not visit again. This will mean lower profits for your business.

    But it is precisely translation that can help your company in many other ways. If you are thinking about publishing a blog on a regular basis or about including a newsletter as a service so that your customers can receive your news and be aware of your company’s activity, you should also consider translating them if you don’t want to become stagnant. The good news is that we at Okodia can also help you in this respect, as we have a team of native professional translators for languages across the world, as you can see by clicking on this link.

    All these linguistic tips are very consistent with startup philosophy, as they help you make your way in the business world, contribute to your company’s flexibility, and remove any potential barriers to global communication. This new type of company and languages should work to gather to successfully achieve any entrepreneur’s goals. Once again, as we already know at Okodia, technology, innovation, and languages make possible a strong, effective work team. And of course, this is a secret that you should tell everyone about!






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