Okodia Translation Services loves diversity. Isn’t that exactly what the world of professional translation is all about? Our team members speak different languages and are also multicultural. Today we are delighted to introduce you to Marietou, originally from Burkina Faso. Despite being a professional translator, she is currently responsible for everything HR-related at our translation agency. Let’s find out all about her!

– How long have you been working at Okodia?
I’ve been here for just over two years.
– What encouraged you to start working at Okodia?
In truth it was just a coincidence. Luis was looking for someone and my previous agency was doing some restructuring.
– What do you like most about your daily work here?
The variety I guess. I like looking for and assessing translators, as well as the actual translating and proofreading.
– Why are you interested in the world of translation?
Good question. Maybe it’s because speaking or using multiple languages fascinates me. The difficulties that sometimes arise when translating cultural concepts are also interesting.
– What is the most curious (strange, odd or nice) thing that has happened to you in your time working at Okodia?
The strangest thing: when a reviewer detected the use of Deepl (automated translation) in the same batch of tests. Several translators who didn’t know each other had fallen into the same trap. That was highly instructive about human nature.
– How would you describe the world of translation?
Since it’s part of the business world, it’s tough. It’s hard to find a place and hold on to your position. A satisfied customer can attract more customers but sometimes one mistake is all it takes for them to leave and tell everyone about it.
– Some people say that the world of translation is very complicated. After all your years working at Okodia, do you think that’s right? Why?
The principles can be difficult, as can the competition and some tools like Deepl, Post Editing, etc. I’m not sure they help translators very much. I firmly believe that technology should help and complement people rather than replace them, apart from in some very specific cases.
– What advice would you give companies thinking about whether or not they should translate their content?
Without a doubt, I would advise them to entrust their texts to competent and reliable humantranslators. Some websites are really funny, you can tell right away that they have been produced using Google Translate. I guess it is a startbut for a professional job you need a professional solution.

In terms of you as a person

– What are your greatest achievements?
Once I have made my husband understand me and my children listen to me, I’ll let you know. 🙂
– What are you like as a person? What are your best qualities? And the worst?
I’m calm and optimistic. I also usually put off until tomorrow what I could do today and I also bear a grudge.
– What are your favourite hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?
I love reading and watching animated films. Free time? You mean the 8 minutes and 45 seconds the children allow me every day? Basically, doing nothing. 🙂
– Is there a language that particularly interests you? Why?
Yes, Arabic and the other languages written using symbols, signs, drawings, etc. It must be really difficult to learn them 🙂


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