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    It is said that the common ingredients to all good stories are: a passionate love, obstacles that make the road more difficult, challenges suitable only for the brave of heart, some sources of joy, and a happy ending. Because despite all their twists and turns, all good stories have a happy ending (no matter what everyone says). The story of Okodia-Grupo traductor is perhaps not one of those that involve slaying a dragon or rescuing a princess, but it’s certainly as exciting as life itself.

    Every great adventure begins with a single step, and Luis Rodríguez, CEO of Okodia-Grupo traductor took that monumental step in 2005 when he finally decided to start his own business in an industry that he was passionate about—translation. There are certain decisions that cannot be taken lightly and striking out on his own was definitely a big decision. Okodia Translation Agency‘s CEO decided to hone his skills in team management as well as in all other aspects that an entrepreneur needs to build his business before making the leap.


    Creating a team from around the world

    You’ve surely heard the clichéd question of whether an entrepreneur is born or made. Based on Luis’s experience, we’re surer than ever that both instances apply. With his restless spirit and passion for sports, this native of La Rioja chose to embark on an adventure that was inextricably linked to the world of languages.

    After graduating from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, he worked as a translator at a software localization company, and everything he learned during that stage in his life stood him in good stead when he finally set up Okodia-Grupo traductor.

    As time went by, Okodia-Grupo traductor gradually established a name for itself in the industry and at present, numerous translators from around the world work for this translation agency with offices in both Barcelona and Madrid. “Being an entrepreneur means taking risks,” states Luis, who affirms that he has learned to be happy as an entrepreneur. To this day, he wouldn’t change anything about his decision to create Okodia for anything in the world.


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